Wisdom & Money’s mission is to invite people of financial wealth and people from the culture of wealth to engage with money as a doorway to spiritual transformation at the personal, communal, and systemic levels. We see this work as a critical dimension of creating a world in which all people have their needs met and can thrive.

By “people of wealth” we mean people who see themselves as financially wealthy.  At Wisdom & Money, we do not put a dollar figure on what constitutes wealth. Instead, we convene people who recognize that they have more money than they need and for whom this reality is a spiritual question. By people from a culture of wealth, we mean people who live in a wealthy community, who grew up in a wealthy family as well as people who work with wealth in their professional lives. Our invitation is to join us in exploring relationship with wealth so that we can become free and able to work with money in a way that leads to well-being for all.