Wisdom & Money (W&M) carries out its transformational work through publications, workshops, spiritual retreats, spiritual companionship and relational circles.

W&M continues the signature work of Harvest Time: people of wealth with a commitment to the common good gather in ongoing circles for brave and honest conversation.

A circle may be formed around geographic proximity or around a particular common concern. A member of the W&M staff may facilitate it, or one or more participants in the circle may be trained and coached as a facilitator. The shared commitment to the circle can be for a fixed time or open-ended.

Participants in the circle enter a transformative process. They share in practices that release a sense of inner spaciousness, allowing freedom and clarity to make new decisions around money that are guided, not by private values or cultural norms, but by the light of life.

In addition, W&M offers private one to one conversations of spiritual companionship. During these conversations, individuals reflect on their experience of the sacred and the specific questions, issues, and challenges that emerge when we attempt to align our money with our faith. The focus is not on financial advice but on listening for the leading of the Spirit when it comes to money.

W&M also sponsors retreats and workshops that offer introductions to our practices. The workshops may last a portion of a day; the retreats typically last for several days, often in a monastic setting. Learn more about upcoming retreats here.

The circles, workshops and retreats are offered in the spirit of gift. We do not charge for our services. Instead, we invite participants to join in the flow of gifting so that the work may be sustained and offered with others.

Our hope is to share freely, through writing and speaking, all that we are learning. We invite you to explore our personal stories, reflections and blog posts. For more personal communication, feel free to contact us.