2023 is an important year for me. I am celebrating 20 years as an employee in this work.

To contextualize this moment: for most of these 20 years, we have been a small organization. I have often thought of us as being like the small country church I am a part of in Pescadero, CA where there is a deep sense of community and where people know each other intimately and for a long time. I did not worry about our smallness because I saw what was happening in people’s lives and I know that God can work powerfully in small circles.

A game-changing couple of years

In 2020 and 2021, things started to change. First, the pandemic forced us to shift how we thought about our retreats and we began offering them via zoom. People started to join us from all over the United States and even other countries.

Then the Center for Action & Contemplation invited us to write for one of their publications and lead a session at their Conspire conference, introducing their expansive network to the way we weave together contemplative practice and open conversation about money.

Both of these factors meant more people joined our mailing list and started signing up for our retreats and gatherings.

People are showing up ready

I have been doing this work for 20 years. And I have never seen this many people show up ready for a root level shift in our relationship with money, ready to learn now to discern and offer resources for the wellbeing of all people. Something has changed. People are here. They are ready to engage. They have been prepared.

We increased our staffing last year in the upswell in interest because we know that our world needs a wave of people ready to find the things that are theirs to do to bring transformation into the world, through the flow of money. I am now turning to our community to invite gifts to allow us to sustain our current level of staffing.

An invitation

I invite you to join us for a Transformative Giving event to consider making a gift so we can meet this moment of growth that ripples far beyond our network. Two of these events will be taking place later this spring:

  • Wednesday May 31st at 4-6pm PT // 7-9pm ET
  • Thursday, June 1st at 12-2pm PT // 3-5pm ET

Our transformative giving event will include more details about Wisdom & Money’s finances and also will be an opportunity to be in practice around money together as a community.

More details will follow in the next month’s emails from Wisdom & Money. For now, I invite you to read more about the events here. To RSVP, please email us a simple “yes” and your preferred date of attendance. You are welcome to attend one or both events!

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