In the process of editing this newsletter, I tried to find this young man to ask for his permission to use his name in this piece. As I was not able to locate him, I have changed his name.  

“Let’s start with an icebreaker,” the young man from Young People’s Project (YPP) said. “Every one say their name and do a dance. My name is Sean,” and he wiggled side to side.

“It’s going to be OK,” I knew then. “God has sent us who we need.” We spent that morning in the breakfast room doing our dances — shyly, playfully — learning each other’s moves as a way to the heart.

Sean came in at the last minute. A woman from YPP emailed me that Monday asking if he could come.

I liked him immediately. His energy. His enthusiasm. The way he asked for what he wanted and spoke openly about his loss. I loved his eagerness to see the land and his willingness to receive my gifts.

After our day on the farm, he talked about how surprised he was that he, a city guy, was not afraid out there in nature and how wonderful it was to be on retreat.

I’ve learned to welcome surprises, the people the Spirit sneaks in at the last minute right before the doors close, sending us what we don’t have the good sense to ask for – like joy and dancing. And Sean.

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