The following is an excerpt from the letter that Nancy Thurston and I wrote in December 2006 on behalf of our Harvest Time community to send to our networks. Rose

We are writing on behalf of a small group of Christian friends who gather twice annually to creatively explore ways to create and live into a more just, loving and sustainable world. Recently, two of our members gave to the community 55 acres of land located near Walnut, Mississippi. Those of us who are writing to you are friends of theirs who have been entrusted with the responsibility of finding an organization or community that would like to receive this farm and, in so doing, join us in the sacred work of healing and reconciliation.

The couple that gave us this land is deeply aware of the complex mix of pain and love that has transpired on this family farm. They are also mystics who desire to release this farm so that a process of healing of ancestral wounds associated with the land can begin.

Would you be interested in receiving a gift of this sort? Do you have a vision for how this land might become an instrument of healing?

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