Wisdom & Money’s Board of DIrectors met on December 12 to set our 2019 plan and budget. 




  • We will continue to gather our established Circles: the Bay Area Circle, the Boston Circle, and the Generational Women’s Circle.
  • We will plan a second annual All Network retreat, place and theme tbd.
  • We will offer two Introductory retreats, one on the West Coast and one in the East.
  • We have two collaborative offerings planned:  a parents’ retreat at Sacred Heart Schools featuring the Reverend Philbert Kalisa from REACH Rwanda; and a continuing conversation with John Bloom of RSF Social Finance on “Money and the New Community.”


We intend to maintain a monthly blog posting on the website, to email communications, and to mail two printed communications on the themes of “Building a Transformative Organization” and “The Practice of Unity.” We also plan to share an in-depth interview via printed newsletter.  In addition, we hope to share stories from people in our network, including launching a “Good News Storytelling” audio segment in which people can share favorite lines from sacred texts along with what the journey with money has meant in their lives.

We also seek to explore and include some new areas such as social media communications, new print communications, and posting examples of and links to lectio divina and chanting practices on our website.

Deepening our Practices

We will invite our members to events that will deepen our core practices in Wisdom work and the Be Present Empowerment Model.  Specifically:

  • We plan to experiment with Lectio Zoom calls, that is, inviting people to join regular video calls for lectio divina practice, especially around biblical passages relating to money.
  • We will host a one-day workshop on Transformative Philanthropy in Atlanta with Be Present (and perhaps plan another);
  • Steve will be part of the facilitation team for a seven-day Holy Week retreat at Hallelujah Farm with Incarnating Wisdom


  • Rose and Steve will continue to invite prospective participants to come together at their homes in Redwood City and Cambridge, respectively.
  • Rose and Steve will continue to participate in events sponsored by aligned organizations such as Jubilee Partners and SoCap.

Transformative Journey Exploration

We will continue to develop plans for transformative journeys but will not offer a journey in 2019.


In 2019, we hope to engage in the next level of our human resources consultancy focused on our hiring, orientation and on boarding practices.   This is part of a long-term process to create a human resources system that can serve as a model for how organizations can embody their vision and values.   We will share more about the process of creating transformative organizational systems in a 2019 newsletter.

2019 Budget

To see a copy of our budget for 2019, please click on the link below.

2019 Budget


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