Rosemary FeerickOver the summer, I took some time to study how gifts have come to Harvest Time during the past three years.   Because our Haiti Partnerships ended in early 2010, this is the first time that I could look for and see a three year pattern in the gift stream that supports the work of companioning people of wealth as they seek transformation in their financial lives.   (As you might imagine, the gift stream changed when we released the Haiti Partnerships because though it is easy for many to understand the need there, it can be much more challenging for some people to see the connection between walking with people of wealth and economic justice).

What I saw was that the gifts that come to Harvest Time have been consistent in terms of the total amount, totaling right around $175,000. Though they have come from different people and in different ways, the total income has stayed relatively steady.  Seeing that consistency had a powerful effect on me. Most of all, I felt very grateful.   I also wondered what we could do with that.  Read more.


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