In 2009, the circle reconvened in Atlanta to work on developing a common vision for the development of the land. We hired David Harper from Land In Common to support this first phase of development. Below is an excerpt from the introduction of David’s report. 

A gift of land is the ultimate acknowledgement that land truly is a community to which we belong. The partnership of groups coming together around the farm in north Mississippi all share a knowing that we can heal the people and we can heal the land, and that these practices are forever intertwined.

The Land Visioning Strategy offers an opportunity for these groups – Be Present/Common Fire, Beloved Community, Community Wholeness Venture, Harvest Time, and the Young People’s Project — to sharpen their individual and collective vision about what is right for this land at this time in this community, and about how to interpret the land in a way that informs and enhances the experience and mission of those who serve as its stewards.

The result could truly be a new model for land reform as a foundation for social, economic, and environmental justice. The approach to land stewardship on the Mississippi Farm can demonstrate leadership and deep healing at a time when the community of land and people in the South, across the US, and all over the Earth face increasingly complex, interrelated challenges such as food security, water rights, and environmental destruction associated with globalization.


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