Our work is rooted in practices that support inner transformation and shifts in our relationships and use of money.

Our spiritual practices are rooted in Wisdom Christianity, a contemplative spiritual stream rooted in the deserts of the third century Syria and Egypt and preserved in the West through centuries of use in monastic communities. Wisdom practice supports an inner shift of consciousness, opening the heart to the movement of grace, and inspires us to create communities and systems that embody the love of Christ in the world. Wisdom Christianity shares much in common with the spirituality of other faith traditions and thus allows for a deepening connection across religious lines.

Given the world’s injustice and divisions, especially around money, we teach and draw from practices that allow us to see the spirit in each other, thus supporting the development of equitable and sustainable partnerships. We have found that the Be Present Empowerment Model™ helps participants recognize themselves as an integral part of what is and what must be changed, thus opening the doorway to spiritual and social transformation. The use of Wisdom practices and the Be Present Empowerment Model™ are infused throughout Wisdom & Money.

We also incorporate additional practices to support transformation, including honoring Sabbath, listening to our bodies, financial transparency, playfulness and creativity, and conscious money experiments in community. With curiosity and a lightness of spirit, we encourage one another to dare to follow our deepest inner promptings into the messiness and ambiguity of real-world action.