October 5, 2020 — June 30, 2022
In Our Homes

Wisdom & Money is convening a virtual circle for people of wealth and/or people from a culture of wealth who desire to bring awareness to their relationship with money in order to participate in the transformation needed in our personal lives as well as in the world.

Wisdom & Money believes that an individual seeking spiritual transformation is best supported in that transformation in intimate and enduring spiritual community.  For this reason, we invite people who see themselves as financially wealthy or from a culture of wealth and who have a commitment to social justice to gather in this ongoing circle for brave and honest conversation. By people of wealth, we mean people who see themselves as having more than they need.  By people from a culture of wealth, we mean people from a wealthy family or community and/or people who work with wealth in their professional lives.  We come together to enter into a transformative process that includes learning practices that release a sense of inner spaciousness and allow us to make decisions about money that are guided by the light of life and that participate in the creation of justice and unity.

This circle will meet on zoom once every six weeks for two hours starting on October 5, 2020 at Noon Pacific/3 Eastern.   During these sessions, we will spend 30 minutes in spiritual practice and then share reflections on a particular topic related to money.   In discussing these topics, our focus will be on our personal money lives.  We will practice financial transparency, meaning that each person is invited to share details, including numbers, related to our financial lives, as we are ready.   We will also engage in a variety of spiritual practices.  In between sessions, we will have a “home practice” that will include an activity designed to develop greater awareness in our relationship with money & take specific next steps.  Each person will also be invited to create or continue a time of daily spiritual practice.

The topics we will cover are below. Before each session, we will engage the prescribed activity to help us prepare for the session.  We may also wish to identify and attend to specific next steps that flow from our conversations.

Participants will commit to hold each other’s stories in confidence.  In addition, we will be extravagant in our practice of compassion for ourselves and others in the understanding that a safe, supportive container of friends is often what we need to begin making changes.    We will also commit to staying the course for six sessions (after an initial introductory session), making every effort to be present for our agreed upon times.  The spiritual practices we will experience together are designed to help us move through growing edges and that happens through a commitment to sustained practice.  Sometimes missing a session is unavoidable. In that case, participants will alert the circle in advance.  After six sessions, we will review how things are going.  Participants can step out of the circle at that time or commit to continued exploration.

Finally, participants are encouraged to consider Wisdom & Money’s “retreat-in-place” on December 3-6, 2020 for an intensive experience of the practices/money conversations that comprise our work.

This circle will be facilitated by Rose Feerick.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this circle, please contact Rose at [email protected].


Topics We Intend To Explore Together

  • Our money stories
  • Our financial net worth
  • Our Budget
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Investing
  • Giving
  • Cross Class Relationships
  • Race and Money
  • How Much is Enough
  • Planning for our Elder Years
  • Estate Planning


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