September 25, 2024
Online via Zoom

Starting this September, Wisdom & Money is convening a time-bound Virtual Circle. This circle is for people of wealth or from a culture of wealth who desire to bring awareness to their relationship with money. In doing so, they hope to participate in the transformation needed in our personal lives as well as in the world. 

Registration is open to both first-time and returning Virtual Circle participants.

Read on to learn more about the topics we will explore together, the format of the Circle, the practices we will engage in together, what we mean by “people of wealth” and how to sign up for our intro & info session on September 25th.

Wisdom & Money believes that an individual seeking spiritual transformation is best supported in an intimate and ongoing spiritual community. For this reason, we invite people who 1) see themselves as financially wealthy or from a culture of wealth and 2) are committed to social justice to gather in this committed circle for brave and honest conversation about money. 

How and when the Virtual Circle will meet

This circle will meet on Zoom once per month for two hours for 11 months, starting with an online info session on Wednesday September 25th at 8-10am Pacific // 11am-1pm Eastern (email Nadia here to RSVP) and completing in July 2025. At that session, we will collectively decide on a time that works for all for future meetings.

During our monthly sessions, we will spend time in spiritual practice and then share reflections on a particular topic related to money (see list of topics below). In discussing these topics, our focus will be on our personal money lives and stories. Each of us will be invited to practice financial transparency, meaning that each person is invited to share details, including numbers, related to our financial lives, as we are ready. We will also engage in a variety of spiritual practices (see below for more details). In between sessions, we will have homework that will include an activity designed to develop greater awareness in our relationship with money. Each person will also be invited to create or continue a time of daily spiritual practice. 

Sometimes missing a session is unavoidable. In that case, we ask participants to alert the circle in advance. 


Wisdom & Money staff members sit in our circles as facilitator-participants. That is, we come as people who are on a transformative journey with money and who have gathered experience through the process of sitting in many of these circles and being engaged with our practices over time. We offer that experience, sight, and wisdom to support the movement of each circle and the individuals within it. Wisdom & Money staff also offer logistical support to our circles, guidance for home practice and are available for one to one conversation in between our sessions. The 2024-2025 Virtual Circle will be facilitated by Rose Feerick and Jon Hokama

Taking our reflections home and beyond the Circle sessions

We will have homework assignments prior to each session to prepare for the conversations. We may also wish to identify and attend to specific next steps as a group that flow from our conversations. If it becomes clear as we go that topics need more time, you can reach out to one of our facilitators to continue to open up areas you want to explore more fully. 

We encourage participants to join Wisdom & Money’s 2024 and 2025 online weekend retreats: November 14-17, 2024 and a TBD springtime date in 2025. These weekend retreats provide a deep, intensive experience of the practices/money conversations that comprise our work. 

Confidentiality & Extravagant Compassion

Participants commit to hold each other’s stories in confidence. In addition, we offer extravagance in our practice of compassion for ourselves and others in the understanding that a safe, supportive container of friends is often what we need to begin making changes. We also commit to supporting each other in our movement, allowing each of us to identify for ourselves the desired movement. 

Participants commit to attending all the sessions, after an initial introductory session, which will take place on September xxx (email Nadia to RSVP). The monthly time will be determined by participants.

Our practices

The practices we will experience together are designed to help us build relationships, move through growing edges and slowly shift the inner place from which we look at money. Our practices include Wisdom practices, which stem from the Monastic Christian tradition, as well as others. These practices include:

What do we mean by “people of wealth”? 

By people of wealth, we mean people who see themselves as having more than they need. By people from a “culture of wealth,” we mean people from a wealthy family or community, and/or people who work with wealth in their professional lives. By sharing, exploring and learning certain practices, we enter a process that opens up inner spaciousness and enables us to make decisions about money that are guided by the light of life, and that participate in the creation of justice and unity. 

Topics We Will Explore

Please note: some of the topics below may evolve subject to the needs of the group. 

Wednesday September 25th Intro & Info Session at 8-10am Pacific, 11am-1pm Eastern

For those of you who have interest in joining the Virtual Circle, this will be an info session for you to learn more from the facilitators (Jon and Rose) and pose your questions. 

After this intro & info session, those who decide to join the Virtual Circle will commit to attending each monthly session for the year ahead. 

To RSVP and receive the Zoom link for this September 25th intro & info session, please email Nadia here


Session One: Introduction

During this session, we will introduce ourselves, share our interest in this circle and go over the intentions for our times together.

Practice: Introduction to the Be Present Empowerment Model

Prep: Registration Form


Session Two: Sharing our money stories

Preparation: Each of us will respond to a series of questions about our history with money through journal writing and creativity. These questions are designed to help us see influences that shape our relationship with money.

Practice: Introduction to Sacred Chant


Session Three: Our financial net worth

Preparation: Each of us will create a document that summarizes our financial net worth which will include a summary of all of our assets and liabilities.

Practice: Introduction to Centering Prayer 


Session Four Our Budget & Lifestyle Choices

Preparation: Each of us will create, update or review our monthly or annual budget. If we do not have a budget, we will track our expenses for a month. In the process of doing so, we will pay attention to the choices we make related to where and how we live, where and how we shop, noticing what these reveal to us about what factors guide our spending decisions.

Practice: Combining Sacred Chant and Centering Prayer

Session Five: Giving

Preparation: Each of us will create a list of the financial gifts we made during the past 12 months and create a summary of the goals/values/intentions reflected in our gifting. We will also notice what factors go into our decision making regarding who to give to, and how much. 

Practice: Introduction to Lectio Divina

Session Six: Investing 

Preparation: Each of us will prepare a summary of all of our investments, including bank accounts, real estate, mutual funds, stocks, notes, etc.. If we do not understand a particular investment, we will make an effort to learn what it is. We will also create a summary of the values/goals/intentions that are reflected in our investment decision making and notice which investments feel aligned with our Spirit and values.

Practice: Combination of Chant, Lectio Divina, and Centering Prayer.

Session Seven: Reparations

Preparation: Each of us will read one or two articles on the topic of reparation and reflect on where this topic intersects with our personal financial decisions. 

Practice: Combination of Chant, Lectio Divina, and Centering Prayer.

Session Eight: How Much is Enough

Preparation: Each of us will reflect on how we think about how much is enough money.

Practice: Honoring the Sabbath. 

Session Nine: Planning for our Elder Years 

Preparation: Each of us will meet with our financial advisors to create a financial plan that takes into account our long-term/retirement needs. 

Practice: Combination of Chant, Lectio Divina, and Centering Prayer.

Session Ten: Estate Planning

Practice: Each of us will review our current will/estate plan, noticing what feels up to date/in alignment and what needs work. We will also summarize the intentions/hopes that guide our estate planning decisions.

Practice: Combination of Chant, Lectio Divina, and Centering Prayer.

Session Eleven: Completion

Preparation: Each of us will take some time to review the work we have done during our time together. We will notice areas of movement in a spirit of appreciation and gratitude. We will notice areas of stagnation with curiosity. What is blocking the movement? We will also take time to appreciate our companions in this circle. 

Practice: Anointing


If you would like to express interest in the Circle, or if you have any questions, please email Rose here

If you would like to RSVP for our Wednesday September 25th Intro & Info Session at 8-10am Pacific, 11am-1pm Eastern, please email Nadia here.

If you're interested in attending this event, please sign up here and we'll be in touch with you.