June 6, 2024
Online at 7-9pm Eastern // 4-6pm Pacific

You are invited to a special Prophetic edition of our annual mid-year Transformative Giving fundraising event on Thursday, June 6th. 

Why the Prophetic theme?  

Wisdom & Money’s work is rooted in both the contemplative and the prophetic traditions of ancient Christianity. Stepping into 2024, we asked ourselves which themes we could bring out that would be supportive during what for some is a particularly intense year, with wars, a polarizing election, and more. As a team, we decided to bring out the prophetic vision that characterizes our work, amplifying it by sharing more on this topic with you, our community. 

We’ll say more soon, but we’ll be holding space for  prophetic imagination at this year’s mid-year fundraising event. For now, we’d love for you to mark your calendars for a truly unique approach to fundraising! 

Transformative Giving – The Prophetic Edition! 

Thursday, June 6, 2024 at 7-9pm ET // 4-6pm PT

If you consider yourself a part of the Wisdom & Money community, please join us! If you are new, you are most welcome to come experience how we engage in the Living in Gift practice together! 

To RSVP, please reply via email with a simple “yes”.

If you're interested in attending this event, please sign up here and we'll be in touch with you.