May 31, 2023 — June 1, 2023
Online via Zoom, offering two sessions: May 31st at 4-6pm PT // 7-9pm ET & June 1st at 12-2pm PT // 3-5pm

Join the Wisdom & Money staff and board for our Living In Gift practice, a gift-economy approach to fundraising, guided by discernment. We will: ​offer an update on what is happening at Wisdom & Money, share our financial needs, and invite gifts from all of you. 

We are at a crucial point in our history, and we want to share the power and opportunity of this moment with our entire community. 

Our practice is to invite gifts to fund our work twice per year. Fundraising is a powerful opportunity to do our work of engaging with money as a doorway to transformation. For this reason, we will explore what arises in each of us in response to being asked for money. 

If you consider yourself a part of the Wisdom & Money community, please join us! If you are new, you are most welcome to come experience how we engage in the Living in Gift practice together! 

To RSVP and receive the Zoom link, please email us a simple “yes” and your preferred date of attendance. (We are offering two of the same event: one on May 31st at 4-6pm PT // 7-9pm ET, and one on June 1st 12-2pm PT // 3-5pm ET. You are welcome to attend one or both events!)

If you're interested in attending this event, please sign up here and we'll be in touch with you.