July 20, 2023 — October 15, 2023
Forrest Hills Resort (near Atlanta, Georgia)

Are you ready?

Many of us yearn for a more just world, one in which people of all genders, faiths, races and cultures live harmoniously and express their uniqueness together.

But how do we make strides towards this vision? What can we do to make it a reality?

In response to these questions, we have co-created the Trailblazing Institute along with Be Present, Inc. Unique in who we are, but unified in the pursuit of justice for all, we share 20 years of authentic partnership. This is rooted in our intentional approach to collaboration. Through your participation in the Institute, you’ll gain skills and experience to bring to your partnerships as well.

The Trailblazing Institute is a training program that meets for six, four-day intensive sessions over an 18-month period, kicking off in April 2022 and culminating in the Trailblazing Conference —which is open to the public—in October 2023. We will be gathering at the beautiful Forrest Hills Resort near Atlanta, Georgia. See below for session dates, details and registration.


Session 1: April 28 – May 1, 2022

Session 2: July 21 – 24, 2022

Session 3: September 15 -18, 2022

Session 4: January 26 – 29, 2023

Session 5: April 27-30, 2023

Session 6: July 27-30, 2023

Final conference: October 12-15, 2023


The “Who” and “Why” of the Trailblazing Institute

Video by Kelley Alexander, Center of the Heart, in partnership with the Trailblazing Collaborative.

Details & Registration

To learn more about the Trailblazing Institute, curriculum design, practices and to register, please see our Brochure & Registration packet here.

If you're interested in attending this event, please sign up here and we'll be in touch with you.