December 10, 2020 — December 10, 2020
Virtual House Concert

Please join us for Wisdom & Money’s first virtual house concert, which will celebrate the gifts that move into our lives and the world when we engage with money as a a spiritual practice.

We will gather virtually on December 10 at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific for a 75 minute celebration that will feature the amazing photos and music of gina Breedlove, Rod Cardamone and Noa Mohlabane, three artists who are a part of the Wisdom & Money community.  Each will share stories of their experiences in Wisdom & Money and their incredible gifts.

This evening is intended as a hope filled invitation to you to consider joining Wisdom & Money at an upcoming retreat and/or to support our work financially.  We hope that the stories you hear will inspire you to join others who are engaging with money as a spiritual practice, a critical dimension of the work of personal and societal transformation.   The evening will also include an invitation to make a gift to Wisdom & Money.  Thanks to the generosity of two members of our network, all new and increased gifts received in December up to $25,000 will be matched.

Register Here: Celebrating Wisdom & Money

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gina Breedlove is a Wisdom & Money board member and a vocalist, composer, author, sound healer, and medicine woman from Brooklyn, NY. gina tours the world with her music that she calls Folksoul, and holds Sound Healing Circles in every city. “I use Sound and Music to move stuck energy through the body, creating opportunity for wellness and ease”. You may find out more about gina’s Healing Artistry here:

Rod Cardamone is a singer-songwriter and sophomore at Fordham University (from his home in Santa Cruz, California).  In 2018, he journeyed to Rwanda with Wisdom & Money and is in the process of launching a series of interviews with people in the network.  His music combines poetry, playfulness and a soulful searching for hope in difficult times.  You can find his music on youtube, spotify, or apple music.

Noa Mohlabane is a Wisdom & Money board member and photographer who uses her camera to witness the perfect form, balance and intense sensuality of nature as well as to communicate the beauty of the human spirit.  She was previously a Wisdom & Money staff member and in that role designed this website and graced it with many of her photos.  You can find more of her photos at Noa Photos.

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