June 2, 2020 — June 14, 2020
Kigali, Rwanda

Due to Covid-19, this journey has been postponed.  In the meantime, the circle of travelers continues to meet via zoom to prepare and reflect on living in unity.  


In June 2020, a group from Wisdom & Money will join members of REACH – Rwanda on a transformative journey that will include a spiritual retreat: time for meeting new friends, breaking bread, praying and singing together.  Not to mention dancing.
We will begin our time in Rwanda in Kigali, visiting its genocide memorial sites to understand the historical context.  We will meet members of REACH who have been through a process of forgiveness and reconciliation who now participate in Unity groups.  Together with REACH members, we will enter into a three day spiritual retreat.  On the retreat, we will spend time together in the Wisdom practices of centering prayer, sacred chant and lectio divina.  We will share our stories and testimonies and listen to one another in conscious presence, as we practice the Be Present Empowerment Model®.    We will also share our experiences of moving money in the spirit of unity.   This trip is intended to open our hearts and imaginations to consider how we might play our local part in the global work of reconciliation and unity.  Can we imagine new possibilities for the people of our nation?   How can we personally participate in this new arising by moving money in the spirit of unity?
“When I met the folk who actually lived through it and felt the energy and the relationships, I could not believe it. It was so incredible – the joy, the love, the camaraderie, the sense of family and the real commitment to be in this practice of healing and reconciliation. I thought I understood what reconciliation meant. To say that my life is changed feels like such a small sentence. Profoundly I am different.”  gina Breedlove


      • We will be able to accommodate 8-12 travelers.  
      • We will stay primarily at the Center for Unity and Peace (CUP) at the Kiberinka Cultural Center in Kigali in private rooms, each with a double bed and a private bathroom.
      • We will take most of our meals the Kiberinka Cultural Center, which regularly welcomes international guests.
      • We will spend one night in Akagera National Park.


This journey is intended for people who see themselves as having more than enough financial wealth and/or who come from a culture of wealth. At Wisdom & Money we do not put a number on what constitutes financial wealth. We are aware that different people have different definitions of wealth and often that depends on who you are comparing yourself to and/or where you live. Most people who participate in our programs are keenly aware of economic inequalities and/or who have friends who struggle to make ends meet. Together, we listen for how to make financial decisions in order to create a world in which everyone has their needs met.


Wisdom & Money offers its programs in a spirit of gift; we do not charge for our programs in the usual manner. We invite all participants to join in the flow of gift so that the work may be sustained and offered to others.

For this trip, participants will be responsible for their travel expenses to get to Kigali. Wisdom & Money will share transparently the other costs of the trip (housing, food, car rental, driver, cost for Reach members to attend retreat, etc.). All of us will be invited to make a contribution to Wisdom & Money, as we are able and inspired to do so.  We will discuss this practice, as part of our learning about how money can align with the Holy Spirit and flow in the spirit of unity.


Starting in late March 2020, we will be hosting monthly zoom calls with other trip participants to prepare for the trip.   These calls will enable us to learn about Rwanda and begin to ponder the theme of Unity.

All of us are also encouraged to attend a Wisdom & Money retreat for an introduction to Wisdom & Money practices and how we talk about money.  We are hosting one in California on January 30 – February 2 at New Camaldoli Hermitage. We be hosting another one in May in the Eastern States.

We ask interested persons to confirm participation by February 7, 2020.


If you're interested in attending this event, please sign up here and we'll be in touch with you.