June 17, 2017
Lane Family Chapel, Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton, CA

The spiritual traditions of the ancient Near East shared a common stream of Wisdom teachings and practices to guide the faithful in the path of right living and inward transformation.  With his parables, sayings and acts of healing, Jesus established himself as a teacher of Wisdom, calling students to follow him in the way of the Kingdom of God, which he insisted is “at hand” and “within you.”

Over the centuries, the way of transformation that Jesus taught has been preserved in the life and practices of monastic communities stretching back to the Desert Mothers and Fathers of Syria and Egypt.  We need these Wisdom practices now, perhaps than ever, to recover the life of inner clarity, serenity and openness, in alignment with the flow of Divine Love, so that we may act rightly to create the world of peace, unity and freedom that Jesus proclaimed.

This one day retreat will offer an introduction to the history, theology and practices of Wisdom Christianity.  There will be time for teaching as well as time for practice together.  Lunch will be served.

All are welcome.

Facilitators:  Steven Bonsey & Rose Feerick

Location:  Lane Family Chapel, Sacred Heart Schools, 150 Valparaiso Avenue, Atherton, CA

Time: 10am to 4 pm, lunch included

Cost:  This retreat is offered as a gift.  There is no fee to attend.

If you're interested in attending this event, please sign up here and we'll be in touch with you.