June 24, 2021 — June 27, 2021
In Our Homes

Creating and sustaining inner transformation, partnerships, and social justice

In June 2021, Be Present™ and Wisdom & Money will co-host a participatory introductory weekend. This is for people who would like to experience the unification of transformative spiritual and money practices with a model that creates sustainable leadership for social justice. Later in the year, we will begin an 18 month training in these practices that sustain leadership and partnership in the movement for justice. We invite you to participate in one or both of these offerings.

These events are hosted by two organizations that have been in a successful partnership for over 12 years. Rooted in the wisdom and prophetic traditions of Christianity, Wisdom & Money is an organization that invites people who identify as financially wealthy or from the culture of wealth to engage with money as a doorway to spiritual transformation at the personal, communal, and systemic levels. Be Present, Inc. teaches a model that allows one to know oneself outside of the distress of oppression, listen to others in a conscious and present state, and build lasting and effective relationships. Both organizations envision a society where people of all genders, faiths, races, cultures live, work, celebrate and worship in their unique particularity together. We believe that this vision calls to many.

We have learned that the manifestation of this vision is realized through sustained transformative practice. In this training, we will practice:

The Be Present Empowerment Model™ enables us personally and organizationally to move through issues of race, gender, power and class using three dynamic, interrelated realms:

  • Knowing ourselves outside the distress of oppression
  • Listening to others in a conscious and present state
  • Building effective relationships and sustaining true alliance

This model allows us to:

  • Replace silence with information
  • Dismantle stereotypes
  • Slow down interactions/conversations/processes
  • Have resilience and flexibility
  • Engage in difficult dialogue
  • Build trust and lasting relationship
  • Ground our work in a resolute commitment to stay through the process
  • Celebrate and play!

Wisdom Spiritual Practices that flow from the Christian monastic tradition, an ancient source of spiritual wisdom. Wisdom Christianity shares much in common with the practices of other faith traditions and thus allows for a deepening connection across religious lines. Wisdom practices include:

  • Chant
  • Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading)
  • Meditation
  • Embodiment of spiritual practice
  • Anointing
  • Ritual
  • Silence
  • Mindful eating


Transformative Money Practices: Aligning our vision and understanding of money in order to create root level transformation at the personal, communal and systemic levels:

  • Financial Transparency: Open Conversation About Money
    • Sharing personal money stories, beliefs and feelings
    • Sharing our personal financial realities, including numbers
    • Sharing Wisdom & Money and Be Present’s financial numbers
  • Grounding our fund development in vision and spirit, we practice:
    • Vision Based Social Change Fund Development
      • All participants are contributors to and benefit from the work of social justice and all aspects of fundraising are grounded in the social justice vision
      • Sharing how funds are raised while simultaneously addressing and shifting access and power inequities
      • Sharing collaborative fundraising which allows equal access to a diversity of participants
    • Living In Gift
      • Sharing how we are stewards in the flow and how all of us are essential as givers and receivers
      • Sharing our experiences related to giving, asking, and receiving
  • Looking at money and wealth in relation to race, gender, power and class
    • Sharing our understandings of the political, historical and economic story of money and wealth
    • Sharing our personal experiences
  • Engaging in creative and conscious money experiments that align vision and action


Please hold the following time frames for our meetings.  We will not be meeting during this entire time; there will be breaks.  Note we occasionally run over time, as it is important to us to not cut someone’s sharing short.   

All times are EASTERN; please translate to your local time zone.

Thursday June 24


Friday June 25

12pm-6pm & 7:30pm-9:30pm

Saturday June 26

12pm-6pm & 7:30pm-9:30pm

Sunday June 27


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