September 9, 2021 — September 12, 2021
St Margaret’s Convent - Duxbury, Massachusetts

CANCELLED, but please consider joining us this October! Due to a number of last-minute cancellations, we have had to cancel this retreat. Please consider joining us for our next retreat scheduled for October 21-21.
What if our financial resources were aligned with the ancient wisdom of spiritual transformation and right action? The contemplative stream of Wisdom Christianity offers practices that aid both the inner healing and the opening of the heart that bring us and our money into resonance with higher knowing.


Wisdom & Money retreats are a time to enter into a monastic rhythm of silence, chanting and prayer.  During our time together, we invite participants to share a question, issue or growing edge that they are working with related to money. Facilitators offer teaching in contemplative spiritual practices that flow from the Christian monastic tradition, an ancient source of spiritual wisdom, and also teach practices such as the Be Present Empowerment Model™ that flow from contemporary movements for social justice.  In addition to our time in circle together, we will have ample time to be on our own.

Who This Retreat is For

Wisdom & Money retreats are intended for people who see themselves as having more than enough financial wealth and/or who come from a culture of wealth. At Wisdom & Money, we do not put a number on what constitutes wealth. We are aware that different people have different definitions of wealth. Our retreats are for those who recognize that they have more than they need. Most people who come to our retreats are keenly aware of economic inequities and/or have friends who struggle to make ends meet. Together, we listen for how to make financial decisions in order to create a world in which everyone has their needs met.

Small Circles

Wisdom & Money retreats are small circles to allow ample time for each person to bring his or her voice into the circle. The facilitators participate in that sharing and also offer teaching about the practices that we use. That said, Wisdom & Money retreats are not “teacher centered.” The participants and our questions are the focus, and the learnings emerge primarily from within ourselves and from listening to each other.
Wisdom Christianity offers practices that aid both the inner healing and the opening of the heart that brings us and our money into resonance with higher knowing.

All Faiths & Spiritual Backgrounds Welcome

You do not have to be Christian to attend our retreats. We often have participants who are not Christian and/or people who were raised Christian and who are no longer active in their church (as well as people who are). That said, Wisdom & Money as an organization is rooted in the Christian tradition. We are not affiliated with a particular denomination or church.

The Location

This in-person retreat will be held within the comfortable seaside monastic confines of St Margaret’s Convent (Episcopal) in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  The Convent is located one hour’s drive south of Boston and is accessible by public transportation from Logan Airport.  
The rhythm of our days on retreat will be held within the rhythm of the host community’s corporate prayer.  We will allow ample time for quiet solitude or walking conversations on the beach.  We will gather Thursday evening at 5:00 PM and conclude with lunch at noon on Sunday.
This retreat will be facilitated by Steven Bonsey and Rose Feerick.

Cost & Registration 

In keeping with Wisdom & Money’s practice of Living in Gift, Wisdom & Money retreats do not charge a fee.  Part of what we are hoping to create in the world is a transformed flow of money. One way we practice that is by operating in the flow of gift. Our retreats are offered as gift, and everyone who comes is invited to make an offering into the flow of gift, as we are so led or inspired, so that this ministry can continue to exist and thrive.  Wisdom & Money also practices financial transparency.  Toward that end we share information on the organization’s finances openly with people in our network, including the costs associated with hosting our retreats.

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We ask that you confirm your attendance by September 1, 2021.  

Health & Safety Protocols

To read our evolving Covid safety protocol for in-person retreats, please visit this page. Our group of 6-8 people will be staying in St. Marina’s guesthouse, a stand-alone building with 9 bedrooms and 4 full baths and one half-bath. Each attendee will have their own room and will share a bathroom with one other person. Group gatherings will take place on the guesthouse’s outdoor porch, as weather permits. The guesthouse also contains living spaces, dining areas, and a kitchen. We will ask all guests to wear masks in the indoor common areas. The W&M staff will prepare meals within the guesthouse. We will not be interacting with any other groups at the retreat center for the duration of our stay.

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