We are inviting gifts that will enable us to continue with our expanded staff and provide a next level of financial stability for our growing organization. In keeping with our practice of financial transparency, here is an update on where we are:

At the start of 2023, we projected that it would cost us $578,000 to offer our retreats, gatherings, written reflections and to compensate our staff.  As we get closer to the end of the year, we are now projecting that our 2023 expenses will be $521,500.  As of mid-November, our community had generously gifted us $419,559Thank you! 

To be fully funded, we are inviting in an additional $172,000 by the end of the year.  This sum will cover our 2023 expenses and the first first three months of 2024 expenses. 

We also have a long-term goal of building a six month reserve fund. At present, we have two months of operating cash flow in reserve.  To build up this fund, we are inviting an additional $160,000.

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How to make a gift: online, check, large gifts, DAFs

In addition to making an online donation here, you may also: 

  • Make a check payable to Wisdom & Money and mail to the following address:
    Wisdom & Money
    1259 El Camino Real
    Suite 241
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • Email Jon at [email protected] for larger ($75k+) or more complex gifts (DAFs, stock transfer, bequest etc.)


Why support our work

Millions of dollars have been offered in service of spiritual transformation and social justice through the people in our network as a result of our work. 

In that sense, Wisdom & Money is a leverage point; we work with people of financial wealth and people from a culture of wealth for the benefit of all people. That said, we do not quantify the precise amount of money that has changed because most does not flow through our organization. But we do often hear stories of what is happening in the lives of people. 

To hear stories of transformation in the words of our network members, see both the Stories and the Blog sections of our website.

Check-in and Supporting Your Discernment

Bringing awareness to the ways we engage with money—both giving and receiving—is fundamental to our work. We invite you to take a pause and check in with yourself. What questions do you have? What inner responses do you notice?

If you would like any support in opening up anything that arises, please email Jon ([email protected]) to request a 1-to-1 conversation, or schedule one directly on his calendar here.

As always, we welcome clear yeses, nos and maybes. All responses that arise out of heart-centered discernment honor our work.


With gratitude,

The Wisdom & Money team

Wisdom & Money’s staff and board