A central mystery at the heart of Wisdom & Money is the sacred reality of giving and receiving.  We recognize moments of sacred exchange as those where the distinctions between giver and receiver collapse and all are brought together in the mystery of grace.  One way that we try to embody this sacred reality is be operating this ministry as an experiment in gift economy.  Wisdom & Money circles, workshops and retreats are offered in the spirit of gift. We do not charge a “fee” for these experiences. Instead, we invite participants to join in the flow of gifting so that the work may be sustained and offered with others.

We welcome gifts of money, time, professional services, and frequent flyer miles. You may also designate Wisdom & Money to be the recipient of wires, stock transfers, charitable trusts, or bequests.  Please contact Rose Feerick at 408-960-9139 for more details. Financial gifts should be payable to Wisdom & Money and mailed to:

Wisdom & Money
1259 El Camino Real
Suite 241
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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Upcoming Program Highlights:

  • We continue to introduce new, interested persons to our practices and our retreat circles. In 2020 we will hold house gatherings and weekend retreats in the East and the West.
  • We will explore with aligned organizations the theme of working with money in unity, especially across historical divisions.
  • We will partner with REACH-Rwanda to offer a Journey into Unity, seeing the reconciliation work in Rwanda and gathering in retreat with Rwandan members of REACH.
  • Board and staff members of W&M are in conversation with colleagues at RSF Social Finance to develop and host an offering on Money and New Community.
  • In our deepening alliance with Be Present, Inc., we are developing an 18-month training institute in the Boston area that will integrate the practices of our two organizations.  An introductory retreat will happen in October.

Save these dates in 2020:

  • May 28-31 — Open Retreat, Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY
  • June 2-14, Journey Into Unity, Kigali, Rwanda
  • October 8-11 — Open Introductory Retreat, Boston MA. The first offering of the joint training by Wisdom & Money and Be Present, Inc.

Financial Update:

We are full of gratitude for the steady flow of annual gifts that come from people who are active in our network.  Our first years in the transition from Harvest Time to Wisdom & Money were marked by the energizing surge of generous start-up grants. Those have completed, and now the gifts of our active members are our primary source of income. In 2019, we received gifts totaling 276,045.

To view our 2020 Budget, please click here: 2020 Budget

Listening Partners

We are available for a no-pressure deep listening conversation about whether, what, how and when to give to Wisdom & Money.  We treasure the beautiful conversations with people in our network about what we give to Wisdom & Money, about waiting for inner clarity, and about what comes up in that process.   If you want a listening partner, please contact Rose.

Wisdom & Money is a 501(c)3 organization, tax id # 47-5520977. Financial and certain in-kind contributions are tax deductible.