In our fervent pursuit of justice, many grassroots organizations and affinity groups have

Alease_(1_of_1)need of meeting and retreat facilities that are affordable and luxurious, with outdoor conveniences and indoor amenities, possessing options for activity and exercise as well as rest and refreshment, where the available media options are vast, the organic food varieties are extensive, and no one has to share a bed to be able to attend.

Our vision is to build a retreat center designed to be able to sustain the transformation of our relationships with God, self, others, and things (including the whole earth).

Our vision centers on creating a place where people practice bringing their spirit forward, on land that will sustain the heart and soul of that work. We have made a long-term commitment to our vision of a retreat center and to serving the needs of the local community surrounding the Promised Land. As we fulfill this vision and commitment, the land becomes more and more sacred as do the activities on the land.

We expect to create a sustainable retreat center that employs the most recent green technology and best building practices. The Retreat Center will one day include a building of bedroom suites to accommodate 30 people, a main center with dining facilities, exercise rooms, and meeting space; two Hermitages; a recording studio, and a pavilion. On the grounds there will also be a community campfire area, meditation gardens, sweat lodge, sound barriers, butterfly gardens, walking trails, labyrinth, pastures, food growth, and alternative energy areas.

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