For the foreseeable future, our in-person offerings will adhere to the Covid Health & Safety protocol outlined below. Our aim is to be as responsive as possible to changes in the Covid situation. For this reason, the guidelines below can be expected to evolve.

Our intentions

As an organization, we created these guidelines holding the intention for:

  • Safety for in-person participants
  • Keeping people healthy
  • Inclusivity and hospitality
  • Legal compliance

Protocol for in-person gatherings

  1. We will be transparent and clearly outline details about facilities (room occupancy, common areas, indoor/outdoor activities, presence of other groups, etc.) so that people can make an informed decision about whether or not they feel safe to attend.
  2. We will require that in-person retreat participants confirm receipt of negative Covid test results from a PCR or antigen test administered 72 hours before the start of the retreat.
  3. We will follow (a) CDC guidelines for gatherings, (b) any local or state guidelines, and (c) any guidelines established by the retreat center itself.
  4. We will require attendees to sign a waiver in order to attend any in-person gatherings.
  5. We recognize that different people have different needs and require different arrangements for comfort. In the spirit of inclusivity, we will continue to offer virtual/online offerings as an option for those who do not feel comfortable attending our in-person gatherings.

We will communicate any changes to these guidelines to anyone who is registered for an in-person gathering at the time of the change.