Inner Money Monsters in Mexico: Part 1

As the newest member of our Wisdom and Money staff team, I [Jon] offer some of my “newbie” experiences with the hope that they resonate with both new and old members of the W&M community. My reflection details Part 1 of a recent cross-cultural money experience that invited me to […]

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A poem for Advent: If You Want

Every Advent, I love to sit with poems that point to the mystery of Spirit and Flesh uniting in the depths of the human heart, my way of preparing for the birth of Christ.  This poem by John of the Cross (below) is one of my favorites.    For me, […]

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Flowing water

Moving Money in a Field of Unity

From my youth I have had an inward sense of how very unstable our world order truly is. I saw humanity acting with violence, injustice, and disregard of Earth’s life and beauty, and I knew that this could not continue. At the same time I had a sense of a […]

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Colorado landscape

Ancestors and Reparations

I have been spending a good deal of time lately with my great-grandfather Walter who died when I was 2. I have been in conversation with him about my money story. Not because Walter left a personal fortune that I have inherited; he didn’t. But Walter, an Episcopal priest like […]

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Stuck and Desperate No Longer

by Nancy M Thurston Nineteen years ago, I flew across the country to attend a Be Present National Conference on Race and Class. At the time, I was stuck and desperate.  Stuck between a bone-deep knowing that the personal and societal transformation I longed for was possible, even across our […]

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Moving Money is For Everyone: The Next Stage

by Steven Bonsey Something seems to be shifting in our country.  The availability of vaccines is beginning to show grounds for hope for relief from the pandemic.  On the political level, citizens watched as the Capitol, the scene of violent insurrection, became the site for an orderly transition of power […]

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Moving Money is For Everyone: Stage Four

Stage Four: Participation by Steven Bonsey The great room of the Bolinas bed and breakfast that Wisdom & Money rented for a weekend board retreat featured a panoramic view of the Pacific Coast from Stinson Beach to the south to Point Reyes up north. At the center of the vista, […]

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Moving Money Is For Everyone: Stage Three

Stage Three: Collaboration in Unity by Steven Bonsey One morning sometime in the mid-1990’s, at the Parish of St Clement, Honolulu, where I served as Rector, I stood from my prayer desk and looked out at the empty sanctuary.   I looked at the pews and prayer books and realized that […]

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Moving Money is For Everyone: Stage Two

Stage Two: Purpose by Steven Bonsey When Elisabeth and I came into the Boston Circle in the early 2000s, we had a question: How could we bring the management of our financial surplus into alignment with our Christian faith? We weren’t interested in conventional financial management that preserves and increases […]

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