This gift is nearly unfathomable to me in its generosity of spirit and intent. It is clear and
paramount in my mind that there was one over-lighting intent with the original giving of the Land. That is to bring Light. To bring healing to the Land, to the Earth, to peoples, in all times, in all manner.

We in the Mississippi Land Circle are a powerful force. We came to anchor the Light that is coming in. We each and organizationally are doing this in all the ways we are. And, we have been doing the work since the Land brought us together. Our sitting upon the Land, speaking our stories, breaking bread together, walking together – we have brought healing.

There is no pain that cannot be transmuted into the gold of God’s Grace. No pain. No history. I hear the Mississippi land calling us to ‘be’ what we are called to be in the awesome task of allowing the Story of this land to run through us in the place of divine Love and to transmute this history of pain into New Life. We can do this.

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