The Need

Within a mile of Wisdom & Money’s office in Redwood City, unprecedented levels of wealth and material abundance exist as does extreme poverty, racism and their accompanying human suffering.   This growing economic inequality is present not only in our neighborhood but all over the country and the world. We are also aware that the current economic system is rooted in paradigms of growth and extraction that are creating environmental crises that threaten life. At Wisdom & Money, we ask “How can we bring our money into alignment with Christian wisdom and with our own hearts so that all human beings can thrive, live in harmony with each other and the earth, and participate in what God is doing in the world?”

The Opportunity

We have a vision of human beings engaging with money as an expression of divine love for the well being of all. We are privileged to know people who seek to embody this vision with their lives and resources. We offer opportunities for these individuals to connect with each other through retreats, faith sharing circles, spiritual direction and written stories. In addition, we offer training in practices that deepen the spiritual journey, build authentic community and create sustainable partnerships across difference. We also inspire participants to undertake bold experiments using money in service of the common good.

Wisdom & Money’s Theory of Social Change

We believe that exploring relationship with money is a powerful spiritual practice that can lead to inner and outer transformation. We see that money is a symbol of human interconnectedness, and the more we are able to bring our relationship with money into alignment with spirit, the more divine love can move into the world through us through our money.

We also believe that an individual seeking spiritual transformation is best supported in that transformation in intimate spiritual community. One way we can transform society is by gathering and companioning people who seek their own conversion so that they can participate in the flow of divine love that is present and active in the world.

Christian Wisdom: Our Spiritual Grounding

Wisdom & Money is deeply informed by Christian Wisdom, a contemplative spiritual stream rooted in spiritual practices that support an inner shift of consciousness and open the heart to the movement of grace.   Tended by the monastic tradition in Western Christianity, Christian Wisdom shares much in common with the spirituality of other faith traditions and thus allows for a deepening connection across religious lines.

retreat_circle_-7519Christian Wisdom is also deeply engaged in the world, seeing Christ as active in creation, drawing all things deeper into the heart of love. Christian Wisdom thus focuses not only on personal relationship with the divine, but also inspires us to create communities and systems that infuse the love of Christ into the world. For instance, we see Christian Wisdom at work in systems:

  • that ensure everyone has the resources needed to sustain life;
  • that support reconciliation among diverse communities;
  • that build a global community;
  • and that honor the sacrament of creation.

As such, Christian Wisdom is deeply connected to the prophetic tradition of Christianity, inviting us into prophetic action through the magnetic attraction of love.

Who is this ministry for?

Wisdom & Money is a ministry for Christian individuals and friends from other traditions for whom the spiritual journey is a central commitment in their lives; who see themselves as wealthy or who come from a culture of wealth; who have a vision for the common good; who seek friends along the journey and who are open to being transformed so that there can be deeper alignment between the heart, the Holy Spirit and one’s actions.

What spiritual practices will Wisdom & Money encourage and teach?

Spiritual Practices

  • Prayer, particularly contemplative practices that transform ordinary consciousness (i.e. chanting, lectio divina, anointing)
  • Cultivating an intentional rhythm of life that balances work, rest, and prayer.
  • Engaging creativity and playfulness as a way of listening beyond the rational mind (i.e. imaginative prayer, art, rituals of sacred play)Labyrinth-0194
  • Being in the sacrament of creation


Life Practices

  • Paying attention to and caring for our body through practices such as exercise, yoga, massage, etc..
  • Practicing mindful eating
  • Participating in authentic community
  • Learning ways of speaking and listening that allow each person to open up places where our vision is blocked or our movement stuck so that we can move from inner clarity, hear others clearly, and develop authentic partnerships.
  • Loving each other in the midst of and through transformative “messy” moments


Money Practices

  • Being transparent about our financial numbers in intimate spiritual community
  • Welcoming the emotions connected to our experience of money as tools for transformation
  • Honoring our own and one another’s clear yes’s and no’s
  • Experimenting with ways of moving money in alignment with the Spirit
  • Allowing gifts to flow within partnerships of diversity


When will Wisdom & Money begin operations?

January 1, 2017

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