Who We Are

W&M is a web of people of wealth who seek to align the flow of their financial resources with the Holy Spirit in service of Divine Love and Justice. Our work is rooted in ancient Christian traditions, contemplative and prophetic, and modern social movements for justice.

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What We Do

We offer multi-day retreats and one-day workshops during which we share our money stories with courage and compassion and explore the intersections of spiritual wisdom and social justice. We also share what we are learning through writing, speaking, blogging and newsletters.

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How We Do It

We draw our practices from Wisdom Christianity and modern social movements for justice. These practices support inner transformation and allow us to follow our deepest inner promptings into real-world action.

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Personal Stories

“One of my mantras from Tilden Edwards is “money is an icon and an energy of God that we are called to circulate with joy.” In our society money has become an idol.  To call it an icon means it is a portal for the energy and love of God to move into the world.  I am not just holding that as an abstract idea.  The ability to say I want to give $50,000 to this hospital has created so much joy in me.  And it has created so much joy in the people who are receiving it.”

“The day I left Haiti, I got on a 90-minute flight to Miami. From there I caught a three-hour flight to New York and then drove two hours to my family’s summer home in the Hamptons, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country. In one day, in other words, I went from one of the poorest areas of the Western Hemisphere to one of the richest. It was disorienting and disturbing to realize where I stood in the global family. What could I do?”

“Our retreat group was thinking about funding a micro business in Rwanda. I said that someone had to put in the seed money. Helen and I decided that we would be the seed money. That was the beginning.  It was so freeing.  It was so easy.  It had nothing to do with what I gave; it was the gift that I received. The gift was fully coming from the Christ within me. The part of me that said, “you don’t have enough, be careful” felt safe through the incredible love of Christ.”

“I had been an investment banker and started thinking about the meaning of my work and the purpose of all the money that was being processed. I wondered, “What impact does all this money have in people’s lives?” I ended up having a mystical experience while praying on the subway which jarred me into realizing that I needed to answer the love that I was receiving from God in even more meaningful ways than I was.”

Upcoming Events

1st Retreat for a New Retreat Circle

October 21, 2021 — October 24, 2021

St Margaret's Convent - Duxbury, Massachusetts

Wisdom & Money is convening a new Retreat Circle for people of wealth and/or people from a culture of wealth. We will have our first gathering at St Margaret's Convent in Duxbury, MA. Our Circles are for those who desire to bring awareness to their relationship with money to participate in the transformation needed in our personal lives as well as in the world. Through regular in-person and virtual meetings, Circle members deepen their relationships and provide each other with meaningful mutual support over time. (We will also offer another retreat for those who would like to consider joining this New Circle; it will take place online February 10-13, 2022. More info TBA soon.) Read on for more info about this kickoff retreat, joining this new Wisdom & Money Circle, and how to register (note: registration deadline is October 6, 2021).

Monthly Spiritual Practice & Conversation - Nov 2021

November 1, 2021 — November 1, 2021

Videoconference - RSVP to receive the link

Wisdom & Money hosts monthly videoconference gatherings for people of financial wealth and/or people from a culture of wealth who desire to bring awareness to their relationship with money in order to participate in the transformation needed in our personal lives as well as in the world.

Open Virtual Retreat - Fall 2021

November 11, 2021 — November 14, 2021

In Our Homes - Online via Zoom

What if our financial resources were aligned with the ancient wisdom of spiritual transformation and right action?  This retreat offers an experience of practices that aid both the inner healing and the opening of the heart that brings us and our money into resonance with higher knowing.

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From the Blog

From the Blog

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